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New Single - Burnt for You.

About Akala

"You can't take a heart for free"

Akala Newman is a proud Wiradjuri/ Gadigal singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. 

Her first single "Heart For Free" was written in a moment of heartache, it is a story about love, longing, and escape. Akala hopes that this song gives you the same electric joy it gave her whilst writing it. It is about learning how to navigate yourself in a world that constantly ties you down, like how the mermaid is stuck with two sides of the self, tied by two worlds, similar to how Akala feels in a bi-racial body living within an urban environment. 

You can't take a heart for free.
You can’t take land from body.


Burnt for you

Burnt for you

Pics from upcoming video

Shine On Me

"Shine on Me" is a song filled with fantasy, frivolity, and fun. The moment you meet that special someone. It's a song about letting go, laying it on the line and diving down the rabbit hole. I hope you find your wonderland when listening to this song the same way I found mine on that night.

Happy listening


Shine on Me

Heart for Free

Heart for Free

Step into Akala’s world. 
Live by your own narrative...

Akala will release the “Heart for free” music video, which she hopes will increase the awareness of Indigenous issues through the lens of a fantasy world, in order to highlight the need for Indigenous voices and rights. Akala also is releasing an original single in November 2019 and two new original songs in the New Year. One on Invasion day that is about our people and our history and celebrating our culture. Akala wants to use performance as a platform for self- representation, to revision and capture the power of the Indigenous female to help create a world where everyone’s lives are valid and equal.

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    Sydney, AUSTRALIA